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Rimfire ammo predates centerfire cartridges. It had a decline in popularity as centerfire took over. But the last couple of decades have seen a big comeback of rimfire ammunition. It’s cheap and easy to fire and packs well enough power for target practice and small game hunting. A quick experiment. Ask your familiar gun enthusiasts what their first firearm was and see how many of them started with a .22 Long Rifle.

Rimfire rounds are great for longer shooting practices. We know, shooting small caliber doesn’t look too badass. But let’s be real: how many of us can shoot a .44 Mag for an hour straight without shaky hands? Sure, there are a few who can. But if you’re less like Dirty Harry and more like most of us, you might want to restrain the urge to ask the next punk if he’s feeling lucky and do most of your range practice with something smaller. But enough about ammo. Let’s check out our selection of specialized Nikon Rimfire riflescopes.

This line of thought is popular among artists of all kinds. If you want beauty, cut off all that’s excessive. If you want efficiency, leave out all that doesn’t contribute.

Engineers behind Rimfire lineup seem to have had a similar idea. All scopes are low to medium power. Adjustments are just right for medium distances. The spare rigidity is not as extensive as in higher tier scopes but still more than okay for mild rimfire recoil. They cut all the corners that didn’t influence clarity and accuracy.

The result is a series of riflescopes with most of the features found in higher tier models, but at a fraction of the cost. Let’s check out our selection of Rimfire scopes by Nikon!

The 4-12x version of the Prostaff Rimfire II packs more power than you would ever expect from anything with “Rimfire” written on it. And yet here it is, a 40mm, 12x riflescope purposefully designed for rimfire rifles. This is top of the line as far as rimfire shooting goes. The 3:1 zoom ratio is enough versatility for most all hunting scenarios. And the 12x max power is more than enough for any rimfire firearm.

Recently, while looking for a new optic for my Rock River RRAGE AR platform rifle, I plowed through a ton of different tactical scopes to find one that met the need I planned for this rifle. I determined this specific rifle would be used mostly for predator and hog control in my local area (or anywhere else I may have the chance to go). This meant I needed a lot of optical clarity and magnification adjustments. I also wanted an illuminated reticle to help with my aging eyes and to benefit in the low light conditions often found in hog hunting.

This is when I discovered the TruGlo Eminus. TruGlo has always made excellent optics but seem to not have the same reputation as other brands for some reason. The Eminus could change all of that. For my RRAGE, I chose the 4x16x44 illuminated reticle version.